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Guarantee of Authenticity Certificate; Why the ours is worth much more.

When we purchase any object, with it we are given its Guarantee Certificate and we all know that we need this in case there are problems in the entity of the purchased object. (Articles 1490 and 1491 of the italian Civil Code).

For a valuable carpet this is not enough. In addition to ensuring that the carpet should not have any quality problems regarding its structure, knots, etc.., and that it will not cause any problems as to the use for which it is regularly destined, the certificate of a valuable carpet must also Guarantee its authenticity . It must certify that it was hand-tied as well as specify its origin.

But for us this is not enough yet.

Authenticity Certificate

I have seen many types of incomplete, inaccurate, ambiguous, even fraudulent carpet certificates.
We all know that thefts are getting more and more frequent, and that a flood or any accident could happen at our house any time and could cause significant damage, so it is wise to get insured.
This is the reason why I felt that the guarantee should become the carpet’s ownership and identity certificate.

For this reason, we have included its photo, the purchase date and price, and the owner’s personal data.
If the rug is a particularly valuable piece, we also supply a CD which shows various details of the rug.

Insurance companies will never have anything to complain about regarding the truthfulness of the claims in case the rug is damaged.