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We use at least six different methods for cleaning carpets: four wet ones and two dry-cleaning techniques. The choice depends on a series of factors; the carpet may be new, antique, made out of wool, out of silk, it may be synthetic, mixed, rubberized, thick or thin, or it could display flaws in its fleece or its frame, etc.

The various carpet-cleaning methods have variations that are adopted according to different situations. Antique carpets, for instance, absolutely have to be wet-washed, softened and handled with adequate care (as the Saruk type of the American period, or some Kashan ones). Even dry-cleaning with perchlorethylene has variations, which, applied to the right carpets and with some touching-up, yield outstanding results.

After a careful analysis of the item, taking into consideration the aforementioned factors, we are able to clean any type of carpet (including tufted and mechanical ones) with excellent results, not only regarding hygiene, but also beauty.




One of the things that is absolutely essential to do before washing a rug is to remove the dust very carefully, especially if the carpet has been neglected or if it was in the lobby of a hotel; otherwise 90% of the cases will not be a good job. Our company owns a special dusting machine, without which we would be in serious trouble.


The deep beating is made before and after the carpet washing. With our equipments we can wash carpets until a width of cm. 420 and a length of cm 1000


Control stage and packaging: if some carpet is not good we remake the washing. In this stage edges are checked, the binges are combed and trimmed, the pile, the colors, etc.


Every carpet has a barcode that identifies it and in the label, besides the client details, all the workmanships are wrote

If you wish to receive a QUOTATION FOR HAVING YOUR RUGS CLEANED, please send us an e-mail where you specify your name, address, telephone number and as much information as possible regarding the rugs. Our services are available IN ALL OF ITALY.

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