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I have a very worn out carpet. What can I do?

We’ll have to see it and work out costs and benefits of a future, probable restoration.

I have a warped carpet with bags. Can you right it?

In 90% of cases you can get rid of the flaw by putting it on a frame. Obviously the carpet must be sufficiently strong, otherwise it could give way and break. In the dedicated page we explain how it works.

If many knots are missing, can we redo them?

The choice must be made according to the cost required to restore them and the value of the carpet. If there is a lot of work and we have a not very expensive carpet than it is often just not worth it.

On my carpet the borders have come away?

We’ll have to see whether we can reattach them or we will have to make new ones, probably the less costly option.

Watering a plant standing on a carpet, this has developed a rather large hole. Can you rebuild the missing piece?

The biggest hole caused by a plant we have dealt with up to now is a 50×50 hole (Video) and the result was excellent.

What experience do you have in restoring carpets or tapestries?

We have a forty year experience in the restauration of antique fabrics, carpets and tapestries.

Will you advise me whether it is worth doing it?

We always give the best advice to our customers , because we want to keep them satisfied. If it is not worth it we are the first to say so.

Will you give me an estimate?

Before going ahead we always give a detailed quote recommending the best solutions to the case, even with more or less expensive solutions.

Can the borders on a machine-made carpet be redone. And the fringes?

Redoing the edges by machine is not a problem and is relatively cheap; I do not recommend the fringes because current machines make fringes that do not last long. Then there are those that you apply on, but in my opinion they are too expensive and are horrible. I find it more reasonable and convenient […]

Can you restore a carpet without washing it?

As I wrote on the page dedicated to the restoration of carpets, for hygienic and workmanship reasons we do not accept restoration without first washing.

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