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Is there a discount for architects and interior designers?

The prices of carpets and tapestries on our site are very low given that we are confronted with an online market worldwide. Nevertheless, for companies contract, interior designers, architects, etc. we can make a discount, provided that it is an order of at least 10 pieces. The company or professional interested is required to register […]

Is there VAT on top of delivery costs?

In the page RULES at the point PRICES it is explained fully

Why do prices for same quality carpets sometimes differ?

First of all it depends on the price at which we could buy carpets at that particular time. Then you must also know that the name of a carpet means very little, because the same name refers to a range of quality levels so large that it becomes difficult, especially for the person who does […]

Are the carpets on all yours?

Sure; all carpets that you see are the property of the company and, if you want to see them in real life, you can come to visit our showroom anytime. We keep normal working hours, but it is preferable to arrange an appointment.

Why do prices sometimes change?

When prices change at the market’s source, either because of the currency and for the cost of labour, which in time also increases in the producing countries, we are in turn forced to small changes. It may also happen, as happened recently with Aubusson carpets, that we were able to buy the lot at a […]

Are the photos of your carpets really true to life?

The pictures are absolutely true to life. But it depends very much on the video you use, and its calibration. The colours of the digital images are increasingly dependent on the quality and configuration of your monitor. From our side photos are tested on three different monitors to get an average as real as possible.

Can we have a carpet with a shape different from the usual rectangular, round or square?

In our productions of modern design we can make carpets of any shape and size to meet the strangest and most sophisticated shapes, as, for example, the group of carpets Art Design in our site.

Do you check all carpets before sending them to your customers?

We are fortunate to have, as you have seen, our own washing and restoration laboratory. When we buy the carpets they should be checked one by one and rejected if they have excessive problems and the price is not right. Very often they are immediately washed; then checked if they have problems; if there is […]

Do you have carpets with a French design?

Sure. You’ll find a wide catalogue on line for Aubusson, Saponerie, Needlepoint etc. carpets

Do you pass on to other companies personal data?

Absolutely not. Your data is used exclusively to make your order up.

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