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How does one wash an antique tapestry?

It should of course be washed with water very gently and always bearing in mind that it is a fabric hundreds of years old. We do not enter into details for competition reasons, but you can see some of the washed tapestries from the 600’s in the tapestries’ page, all done to our customers’ satisfaction.

Is your non-slip mat suitable for any surface like marble, wood, etc.?

Certainly, it is suitable for any surface without leaving any marks.

A plant which was for some time on the carpet has left a black stain: will that disppear?

It is a matter to see if it is just a spot of surface mould or if the water has rotted that part of the carpet that has remained wet for a long time without air. If it is just on the surface it will disappear in at least 90% of the time, but if […]

How long after do you return the washed/restored carpets?

If it is just the cleaning usually it only takes about 10 days; if there are also restorations to do, the necessary time is obviously due to the magnitude of work.

One side of my carpet has faded, what can you do?

There is nothing you can do. If a part of the carpet is exposed to light, in the same spot for a long time, it is very likely that it will fade. It is therefore very important to occasionally turn the carpet to the other side and try to protect it as much as possible […]

Are you insured in the event my carpets got ruined?

Bersanetti have always been insured for any problem that an activity may run into, including injuries to our customers when they come into the company, the material that is entrusted to us for processing, from theft and damage to fire and any other case in which a mishap may happens, so you can rest easy.

How long have you been in the carpets’ business?

Since 1978, not counting the previous years as an employee in other companies.

The label on the carpets says to only dry-clean it. Is it ok?

Very often labels with washing instructions are incorrect, but this also happens with clothing. Consequently, the decision is made by analyzing the carpet and choosing the most appropriate method.

Are you really experts in washing and restoring carpets, even the antique or important ones?

Our main goal is to always achieve the best in every situation, aware that each rug is a case in itself and always thinking about how to get a better result than the last one. This way of working in the last forty years has led to excellent results, but we will not stop here.

How long in advance do I have to call you before coming to pick my carpets up?

Normally a week before is quite right.

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