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Karabagh Rug 292×138 Cod. 140000000156

CAUCASUS - 292 x 138 cm - 9.58 x 4.53 ft - COD. 140000000156

Tipi di pagamento GB Rugs

3.560,00  iva inc.

extra UE citizens / UE companies

Technique: Handknotted

Origin: Caucasus

Age: Antique

Welft: Wool

Warp: Wool

Vello: Wool

Karabagh rug, perfect in theme with horses and dogs called "Alty-itli"

Karabagh rug from the early 1900s, a rare specimen decorated with horses and dogs. It is a type of so-called themed Karabagh whose original name is "Alty-itli". The Karabagh rug is in perfect condition in every aspect. The fleece is all homogeneous with no worn parts, while edges and headers are its original ones. Finally it is a carpet that has never undergone the slightest restoration, so it is an ancient Karabagh perfect. Certainly it is a rug for hunting or horse lovers (to be put perhaps in the living room of a racing horse stable). In fact, years ago we sold one for the entrance of the villa of the owners of a racehorse stable.

Azerbaijan has always taught the weaving of the Karabagh rug.

The Karabagh region ,"black garden", is located south-east of Kazak and has been under Persian influence several times during its history. As far as the Karabakh rug school of carpets is concerned, note that a school was developed in two areas, the mountain one and the flat one In the mid-nineteenth century the city of Shusha, capital of the Karabakh khanate, became the main center of Karabakh carpet production. Just in Shusha, next to the classical compositions, the weavers also made themed rugs :. Themed carpets such as "Bakhchala Ghyullyar", "Sakhsyda ghyullyar", "Yusuf and Zuleika", "Rustam and Zokhrab", "Itli-pishikli" (dogs and cats), "Alty-itli" (horses and dogs). Compositions that testify to the technical perfection and the high level achieved in the weaving of carpets in Karabakh. To learn more about Karabagh carpets, go to the GB-Rugs glossary Karabagh rug - detail of the field with horses

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