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CAUCASUS - 360 x 255 cm - 11.81 x 8.37 ft - COD. 140517140746

dragons soumak rug
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39.000,00  iva inc.

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Technique: Soumak

Origin: Caucasus

Age: Antique

Welft: Wool

Warp: Wool

dragons soumak rugdragons soumak rugdragons soumak rugdragons soumak rugdragons soumak rugdragons soumak rug

DRAGONS SOUMAK ANCIENT , very rare specimen,

Dragons soumak with a classic brick red background is dominated by the green central medallion and densely decorated with elaborate polychrome motifs. Note the frame with the sequence of polychrome octagons in the main border and the dog decoration that runs along the external border. Dragons Soumak dated 1911, beautiful and of great expressive force, perfectly preserved.

Soumaks are nothing but kilims with wrapped textures.

The term Sumakh, also Soumak and Sumak, indicates the "wrapped weft" technique used for the weaving of certain kilims and widespread throughout the East. There are countless variations, but simplifying: to obtain the designs of the carpet, the wefts of the kilim, previously woven, are wrapped with wool of various colors. In fact, the Sumakhs are easily recognizable for their compact consistency and for the colorful textures that run free on the back of the carpet). Like the weaving techniques, the origin of Sumakh designs is also very ancient. Zoomorphic and geometric motifs, still unknown to us, such as stylized dragons and birds, and medallions in a symbolism full of meanings.

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  DRAGON SOUMAKANCIENT , very rare specimen,

DRAGON SOUMAKANCIENT , very rare specimen,

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