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Tapestry De Rambouillet 99×194 Cod. 141436544354

ITALY - 99 x 194 cm - 3.25 x 6.36 ft - COD. 141436544354

Tipi di pagamento GB Rugs

990,00  iva inc.

extra UE citizens / UE companies

Technique: Polychrome hand

Origin: Italy

Age: New

Welft: Wool

Warp: Linen and cotton

Tapestry De Rambouillet - "Les vendanges" (Ateliers Bourguignons, end XVth. Cent.., preserved on Cluny Museum, Paris). The reproduction of the original piece happens through long and scrupulous stages of workmanship to work of a équipe of artists of DE RAMBOUILLET Company that use secrets and techniques of Renaissance masters. Beginning from the full-size reproduction of the pattern on a cardboard, the films are realized then, one for color, hand drawn on looms spread of gelatin. For every tapestry are used by 12 to 17 serigraphy looms. Even if they are reproductions, every tapestry will always have different nuances of color, so to speak of unique pieces. The art critics define the De Rambouillet tapestries "the best reproductions of existing antique tapestries to the world!" In this piece, the contrast among the colors of the clothes of the characters, the bright red and the gold of the brocades, becomes harmonious in the base "thousand flowers". The work of art reflects the whole vigour of Bourgogne ateliers.

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