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Restauration carpet of end-of-19th-century art-nouveau, Hector Guimard’s project for Beranger Castle in Paris.

Restauration carpet of art-nouveau, Hector Guimard‘s project for Beranger Castle in Paris.

First we washed and restored the carpet: it had ONLY 43 holes to mend, but the final result was excellent.

Dear Mr Bersanetti
You’ll be pleased to receive Sotheby’s catalogue in which you will find the art-nouveau carpet you worked so much on beatiful Restauration carpet. It was Hector Guimards‘ carpet, very famous Parisian architect in charge of Bèranger castle. This carpet is a very rare one-off item and it was won at the Sotheby’s auction in Paris on the 24th of November 2015.

We thank you once again and we wish you a good 2016.

S. Colombini  – Bologna