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Carpets washing

carpets wash

Carpets washing since 1978

On the carpets washing Bersanetti gives you maximum guarantee

Did you know that 99% of those who declare to specialise in carpets washing do nothing but rely upon others? Now you know

Our methods for carpets washing

We adopt six methods for carpets washing , always guaranteed.

When dealing with carpets we use four methods for washing with water and two for the dry cleaning. Their use depends on several factors: the carpet may be new, old, woollen, silken, synthetic, mixed, rubberized, rugged, weak and delicate, or have problems in the fleece or structure, etc.

Get in touch with us for more details Our experience allows us to perform the washing of new carpets, antique carpets, tapestries and very delicate antique textiles. These washing methods present us with variants that we adopt depending on situations.

For example antique carpets must be absolutely washed with water, softened and treated with great sensitivity, as in the case of an American Saruk or certain Tabriz Hajijialili.

Even dry cleaning presents variants and, with certain carpets, gives excellent results while in some others, which do not like water, it is indispensable. ___________________________________________________________________________

Very few companies are insured against any kind of trouble:
We are fully insured !

Remember that 99% of companies that you find on the web and who say they wash carpets do not do it themselves but entrust them to others, so they do not even know how to do it.

Carpets washing . Cleaning-rugs

This is how we wash our carpets

Firstly we make a careful analysis of the carpet, taking into account the various factors mentioned. We are able to wash, with very good results not only hygienic but also aesthetic, any type of carpet, including tufted and machine-made ones.

First I want to make a very important clarification and I make it as person with 40 years’ experience in the industry and as a collector of carpets: we do not use machines with rotating brushes (the operational concept is the same as the single disc machines for floors) because they have an aggressive action as if they cleaned hard, rough surfaces.

Nor machines where the mat enters from one side and out the other without there being a detailed control.

These carpets washing machines are very fast, but I think only suitable for machine-made rugs, such as carpets, rubberized rugs and those full of glue.. If your carpet is fragile this treatment can really destroy it.

In the carpets washing , especially when washing delicate antique carpets, in order to obtain a good result, there must be a constant control by the operator, who must treat the carpet, as if it were composed of many squares. This is what is what you need to do for a great result.

Watch this video and you will see how carefully we carry out our work. Watch this Nain carpet during washing: the difference is really huge. It would be wiser not to get to these levels when the purpose of the carpets is to decorate.

Carpets washing . Cleaning rugs HEREKE

Hereke carpet washed in half

Carpets washing . Cleaning rugs Kirman

Particularly in Kirman carpet cleaning

Carpets washing . Cleaning rugs Agra

Agra carpet washed in half

Important things we do not do when carpets washing are:

  • One size doesn’t fit all: every carpet ,tapestry or fabric is an item by itself
  • Bleach the fringe with chlorine: Very soon you will be without fringes.
  • Use the machines without a continuous control: You do not know what happens.
  • Use brushes to save time: in turning they pull the fleece in all directions.
  • Use aggressive cleaners: They can lead to loss of colour in the carpet.
  • Not take care when spinning: The design is flattened.

This is the only way we can guarantee a job done very carefully.

Carpet beating is the first essential step to be undertaken thoroughly before and after washing the carpet. Our brand new carpet beater can treat carpets up to 420 cm wide and 1000 cm in length.

Carpets washing . Cleaning rugs the beating

Dust Delete

Centrifuging carpets after the wash

After carpets washing you put it in the centrifuge. At the end the carpet comes out almost dry. It is obvious that the speed, which can reach 1200 g / min, should be adjusted depending on the type of carpet to be washed, its sturdiness and state of preservation.

When you do this you take special precautions to prevent the colours of a certain design of the carpet to literally be printed in another area of the carpet where it is in contact when rolled. This can really ruin your carpet, but we have solved this as well.

Carpets washing . Cleaning rugs Centrifuging carpets after the wash

The spin phase

Control and packaging of carpets

When the carpets are completely dry you switch to the control. Here you see if everything is OK and if there is to remake the washing or specks to be removed. Then it checks if the fringes are to be trimmed (see photo), or if, as in the case of tufted, there are parts to be bonded, etc. Once this phase is passed to the packaging and storage.

At this point, the carpets are ready for delivery: you call the customer to make an appointment to bring them home or to warn him that his rugs are ready and can move to withdraw.

. Carpets washing . Cleaning rugs Control and packaging of carpets

Checking details and carpet making after washing

Are your carpets a bit down in the mouth?
Now you have no more alibis and it doesn’t cost you anythingto ask for a quote to have your carpets washed

Give us your name, address (very important), telephone number and all possible information regarding the carpets: size, quality or type of carpet/s, but above all remember to enclose detailed pictures, and if you have any problem please contact us or call us at 049 7800207.

how to send your carpets for cleaning and restored 

Carpets washing  for any location Italy or abroad, you will find all the information necessary on the page: how to send carpets to be washed.

Carpet washing . Complete guarantee when washing you Persian carpets

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Some reviews from customers who have had their carpets washed and restored by us.

M. C.  – Bologna Good morning Mr. Bersanetti, I have received the carpet that now looks very well with no trace of a smell. Thank you so much. I have another 3 or 4 carpets to clean and as soon as I have a moment I’ll get in touch with you again. Thanks again and I wish you good things. M. C.

M.M. – Verbania–  Italy Dear Mr Falasco, I used your carpet washing service. In the space of a week, by courier, the carpet was picked up and returned. The work was excellent. A very satisfactory job. Congratulations! M. M. – Verbania.

Ernesto Balduccci Dotti –  Italy Last week I received the carpets you have cleaned and restored. I must admit that my hotel’s hall has changed in an exceptional way: it is as if we had gained another star. It has become even brighter and more pleasant, as noted by one of my frequent customers who wanted your address. I thank you again and I’ll get in touch again next year.

Giorgio Arcolani – Italy Good morning Mr Falasco, yesterday I received the carpets you have washed and restored and, to be honest, I did not expect such outstanding results. I am more than satisfied, even for the advice you gave me before having the work done and for the punctuality demonstrated. Thanks again, and next month I will buy the carpet that we talked about. cordial greetings.

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