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Carpets experts

This are carpets experts


Let me introduce myself: My name is Giovanni Bersanetti, I am the owner of this company since 1978. Often one gets the impression that most of the stuff in the web is fake, so I want you to meet my team: the staff with whom I have been working for a long time, rather tight-knit people who know their job well and that one can define responsible, especially when one wants to guarantee a certain quality to the customer.


This is my daughter Raffaella. In the business for nearly two decades, she is responsible for the workshop where the carpets and tapestries are restored. She has also been in charge for some years of the site you are looking at now, including any images and texts.


This is Andrea F, responsible for the clients’ assistance. When you phone, it is him who answers and gives you, with professionalism and kindness, all the necessary information you need for the purchase, the carpets, payments, shipments, appointments, etc. He is the one who solves your problems whatever they are (i.e. the washing and restoration of carpets, whether your goods are ready, etc.)

The gb-rugs staff experts in the carpet washing and restorers of ancient carpets and tapestries

To finish, a group photo of our carpets experts in our carpet gallery. THE STAFF OF GB-RUGS