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GB-rugs showroom Carpets

GB-rugs showroom rugs

GB-rugs showroom includes four rooms of modern and antique rugs.

You can see some pictures of our Gb-rugs showroom; come and visit us and you will not be disappointed because few companies can introduce a range so comprehensive and carefully selected specimens of all species.

The Gb-rugs’ showroom consists of four rooms: the aim is to split in an orderly manner different types of carpets and at the same time to allow the customer greater privacy, when you have lots of people at once.

GB-rugs showroom 1

Showroom 1 is the one reached first: Here you find:

  • Antique Persian and Caucasian carpets
  • Classical carpets of new and old manufacture.
  •  Antique Chinese  carpets.
  • Nichols carpets from the ‘900’s

An area with wonderful examples where at least you can “feast the eye” (a phrase on many people’s mouths when it is time to  go). You can also see examples of Caucasian rugs that we have weaved in Baku that reproduce antique Caucasian carpets, with excellent wool and vegetable dyes.

GB-rugs showroom 2

Room 2 is dedicated to those who do not love classic carpets:

  • Modern handmade carpets
  • Designer carpets created in the occident
  • Tailor-made carpets made to order
  • Old carpets and Berber kilims

They are old Berber rugs and modern handmade carpets from all over the East, namely Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Nepal. In any case, we always talk of handmade carpets. I have to stress this because the market is full of machine-made carpets full of glue; they have nothing to do with our carpets, because these require months of work.

GB-rugs showroom 3

In the third room you can find 4 groups of carpets and tapestries:

  • Classic geometrical and floreal design oriental carpets.
  • Kilims of recent manufacture
  • New and antique  Aubusson carpets
  • Oriental tapestries and textiles

Classic orientals rugs from all over the East, from Turkey to China, via Iran, chosen patiently. recent manufacture kilims, but of excellent taste with reasonable prices. You can find a huge collection of Aubusson carpets, all very clean (no one does it). Tapestries: De Rambouillet, Jacquard and Aubusson tapestries.

GB-rugs showroom 4

Is dedicated to those who like antiques classic carpets and tribals kilims:

  • Ancient Persian, Turkish, Turkmen, Chinese Carpets.
  • Dream old Caucasian Carpets
  • Sumak ancient, rare and perfect
  • Perfect, old and ancient Kilims fromTurkey, the Caucasus and Iran

A wonderful collection of antique carpets chosen one by one with patience and attention to detail. Here carpets with the “soul” of those who have weaved them. Unobtainable specimens that I have seen only once in many years and once sold will never find any more. When customers enter this room, they do not want to leave it.