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Carpets Restoration

Carpets restoration since 1978 GB-Rugs Padua Ita

Carpets restoration since 1978

Taking care of fine carpets, we could not ignore carpets restoration, fundamental as aftermarket assistance. In fact our laboratory has highly experienced personnel specialized in the

  • Restoration of antique and new carpets kilims, sumak or knotted:
  • Reconstruction of the holes
  • Restoring fringes, edges, to textures
  • Reinforcements to the heads.
  • Knotting hand of missing nodes, etc.

There are, however, different ways of working: a restoration can be more “economic” or more “expensive” depending on the result you want to achieve; or it may be a work of “conservation” or “reconstruction of the missing parts.”

Logically work done economically cannot give the same result of a more expensive one, mainly because it takes more hours of work being the work more complex. The choice of a conservative restoration rather than a reconstruction is usually requested by museums or collectors who do not want to create ” anything false” in the carpet or in the tapestry.

The problem does not arise for the private client or for the dealer: they want a well done restoration and, if required, of “reconstruction”, if it’s worth it, because if the carpet has a value that justifies the expense, it should be done; otherwise we, ourselves, advise that the work should be done as cheaply as possible.

Example of carpets restoration: an antique Agra carpet

After preparing the weaves, photo 2, the knots with the wool colour corresponding to the reconstruction of the subject are inserted, as you see in picture 3. To finish we shave the fleece to the same level as the carpet: Click on the magnifying glass to enlarge the photo. Carpets restauration , Restauration of an antique Agra carpet

Carpets Restoration , The restorers of GB-Rugs

Our restorers at work

Carpets Restoration , The restorers of GB-Rugs

Watch the carpets restoration video of this Meshed rug

Reconstruction of holes.  If you have a flower pot on a carpet you would be advised to check now and again under the overflow dish. The Meshad carpet has absorbed the plant’s water because the overflow dish was leaking. It could happen to you too to find that the carpet you cared so much for has disintegrated. There was a half metre wide hole in it. Look at the result after our restoration.

The estimate for carpets restoration

Another very important thing is the “estimate”.

Often, for the complicated carpets restoration, it is practically impossible even for us to know exactly how many hours of work these will require: it is a type of craft for which there is no machine, only hands.

Very often in the case of very damaged carpets, we agree with the customer the maximum amount to be spent. So, first, we start restoring the worst damaged areas, then the least damaged. Once the limit is reached and seen the results, the customer chooses whether to continue the job or not.

Unfortunately, handmade carpets are subject to break or wear out in the most used parts. Our advice is to keep an eye on your carpets: to have a small restoration done costs much less than a very large one due to negligence.

Carpets restauration , Restoration of a Shirvan carpet, replacing missing knots

Important for carpets restoration:

Sometimes we are asked to perform the carpets restoration without first washing the carpets.

Obviously the restorers work with the carpets a few inches from their faces and are forced to touch it constantly; it is therefore easy to understand that if this is not properly cleaned those who have to spend hours or days working on it operate in unhygienic conditions.

And there is another problem: if the fabric is not cleaned properly the actual colors cannot be seen, especially in the antique carpets that have not been touched for years and years.

After all no one would like his clean carpets next to dirty carpets while they are waiting to be restored.

Carpets restauration . Restoration of an Isfahan carpet, refilling a hole
Restoration of an Isfahan carpet, refilling a hole

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