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Below you can read a little ' reviews by our satisfied customers for products bought from us. There are also reviews of clients who have washed and restored their carpets. If you also have bought a carpet from us, or have you served us to do the washing and restoration of carpets in your home, GIVE US a few minutes of your time and leave your review staff letting everyone know how you found! Notify your experience with other people who have not yet had the opportunity to learn about the company Bersanetti carpets of Padua.

Karabag Kilim for B. Krljic – Basel Switzerland

Karabag Kilim for B. Krljic


Dear Andrea,

The Karabag Kilim has arrived – thanks a lot. I’m sending you some photos to show you the antique Karabag Kilim in place.

Thanks again and to the next,

B. Krljic – Basel


Restauration carpet of end-of-19th-century art-nouveau, Hector Guimard’s project for Beranger Castle in Paris.

Restauration carpet of art-nouveau, Hector Guimard‘s project for Beranger Castle in Paris.

First we washed and restored the carpet: it had ONLY 43 holes to mend, but the final result was excellent.

Dear Mr Bersanetti
You’ll be pleased to receive Sotheby’s catalogue in which you will find the art-nouveau carpet you worked so much on beatiful Restauration carpet. It was Hector Guimards‘ carpet, very famous Parisian architect in charge of Bèranger castle. This carpet is a very rare one-off item and it was won at the Sotheby’s auction in Paris on the 24th of November 2015.

We thank you once again and we wish you a good 2016.

S. Colombini  – Bologna

Massimiliano T. – VIMERCATE – ITALY

Good morning Old Sumakh Korjin saddle receipt, very beautiful. Thanks!


Good morning! I would to like to communicate by telephone but I discovered to have a particularly busy day. The small carpet Berber Talsent is very pleasant, with soft wools, and in a small surface there are to discover a lot of interesting things; I mention only the small disk metallic used, I suppose, as amulet. So I thank you and I will keep on following your site. Best regards, Paolo


Dear Andrea, I have just received the Vaghireh Nahawand and I’m very happy about it. I thank you for the following gave to my purchase and to the delivery: everything goes right. I will be a faithful follower of your site and your collection. Cordially, St?phane P.


Kind Mr. Bersanetti, I desire to thank you for the gentleness, liking and professionalism shown from you and your collaborators on the occasion of our yesterday purchases that fully satisfied us. The three rugs are to their place, perfectly adapted and I must say that they make indeed a big beautiful figure. The only regret it’is that I have not dared with the Kuba runner that keeps on liking indeed me so much, to the point that I would ask you the favour to reserve it to me for some time. I prepared my Sumak that I will bring her next week for a revision/cleaning. With many kindest regards and wishes A. B


Kind Andrea, I want to inform you that the carpets arrived yesterday and above all I want to thank you and tocompliment with you for the good developed service. My Anatolian kilim has finally returned to its place under good conditions, the new carpet is very beautiful and also the soft no-slip result comforting and very effective. Also I operate with my firm in the commerce and I know well that the satisfaction of our client is also ours. I had already a good impression of you from your site and from I exchange by mail, you are absolutely confirmed as a serious and reliable firm. I won’t miss to come to find you if I will pass from Padua zone. Greets Mr. Bersanetti with which I had occasion to speak by phone. A.D.


Kind Bersanetti Tappeti, today afternoon to the 14:00 have punctually been delivered the Tuli rug that I ordered. The rug is very beautiful, and the photos on the site absolutely near the reality. I want to make you the compliments for the seriousness with which you have followed the various phases of the order and also for the punctuality of the delivery. It?s a pleasure to purchase from you and I won’t miss to recommend you. Kind regards A.M.


Kind Mr. Bersanetti, we desire to thank you for the courtesy and the availability shown in the purchase of ours new Lory Fine. As we imagined, the rug perfectly adapts in our house and we is fully satisfied of it. Thanks still to your collaborators and You. Kindest regards. A.R.C. e S. B.


Good evening kind Mr. Falasco, I thank you for the kindness and helpfullness. I’m really satisfied for the beauty and quality of Samarkanda rugs. Kind regards A.G.