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How to send carpets for cleaning

This is how to send your carpets for cleaning and restored by gb-rugs

Now that you have seen how we wash and restore carpets, imagine how good yours would look.

Seen the numerous requests to wash and restore carpets, we decided to publish a page with all the information necessary to the case. The procedure to send carpets is as follows: call us and we’ll explain everything.

Ask for a quote without obligation.
You’ll be certainly curious to know what you may have to spend before deciding to have your carpets washed and restored. By sending an e-mail at, stating  sizes and enclosing one or more pictures of them, we will be able to work out an estimate which we’ll send you by return.  Should there be any part to be restored, take some photos of the areas and we’ll quote you on those as well. In any case we are always available on Tel: [+39] 049 7800207.


Carpets for Cleaning | How to send us carpets to be washed and restoration

This is how to send us your carpets:

  • Pack your carpet carefully – For packaging we always recommend that you do at least a couple of layers with nylon sheets (not paper) and to use, for the outer packaging, a black nylon (e.i. large garbage bags that are stronger) so that nothing of the contents can be seen. If the carpet is less than 1.5 metres wide you should roll it. If the carpet is large you can bend; if it is a bit stiff fold it with the fleece on the outside: it will be less stressful on the weaves and occupy less space.
  • Book your pick up When the package/es are ready, send the request for them to be collected: we will send the label (to be stuck on possibly under nylon or covered with transparent  scotch, so that it is not damaged) already filled in with your address and phone number which you will kindly confirm.
  • In addition we will send you a transport document in triplicate (one will remain to you as a receipt) to be given to the carrier GLS, which is also already filled in. Obviously we will agree with you the time  for collection. The package usually reaches us in a day (in Italy).
  • We will send you the estimate  Upon arrival of the carpet in the office a final quote will be sent to you, but we will call you should there any special reports on the carpet or any advice to be taken together in order to better meet the needs.
  • The estimate’s confirmation and implementation time Once we’ve received your confirmation the carpet is put into production. If there is just the washing to be done the whole operation should end in about ten days. If there is any restoration to be done the time,  which will always be agreed together with you, will depend on how big the job is.
  • Payment will be by bank transfer before the return delivery, following our email that the carpet is ready.
  • We are always wholly available on 049 7800207 or by e-mail for any further request or clarification.

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