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GB-Rugs’ philosophy

GB-Rugs’ philosophy is simple: to offer excellent carpets at good prices.

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When I created this site I wanted to do something totally different from the usual commercial sites; there are hundreds of those and you find them wherever you look. These sites seem to be a clone of each other; all of them with the same carpets, the same fake discounts, the usual grainy photos. There are neither care nor passion in the way the product is proposed; the whole site is geared just to make as much money as possible in the least amount of time, without giving a thought to the most important block in the puzzle: the customer.

What about super-discounted carpets? If the discount is so over the top won’t you think there is something fishy about it

If you walked into a car showroom and they offered you a brand new 20.000 € car for 10.000 €, would you take it or would you think they are either mad or there is something going on?

Since I started this business I’ve followed a philosophy that has always worked: working openly and seriously makes you satisfied at the end of the day and you do not lose any customers. You cannot imagine  the thrill I get  when I meet a client after many years and he/she tells me what a great job we did when she bought her rug, both before, during the sale and afterwards. We have given ourselves rules from which there is no compromise, and if you get to know us well you will see that we always mean what we say.

So, visit this site in depth and you will discover amazing items you never knew existed.

Our philosophy is very different!

Gb-rugs, with his philosophy, is the site of carpets and tapestries where you can:

  • You can choose your carpet among 1750 beautiful carpets and tapestries, all very well cared for, selected one by one by me personally.
  • We have 24 different types, corresponding to each image below. Click on the image and you’ll see the whole group.
  • Find your ideal carpet by measure, origin, age, price, etc., with the “Advanced Search”
  • If you still believe in 50%, 60%, 70%, etc. discounts, then I’m sorry, you’re in the wrong site, because these methods are contrary to my ethical principles.
  • Our prices, for the same quality level and state of preservation, can stand any comparison,
  • All our rugs are hand knotted; we have no tufted carpets, even among the modern ones!
  • The company has its own laboratories for the professional cleaning and restoration of carpets since 1978
  • You will get your carpet back clean and in perfect order, even if it is an ancient one.

I hope you enjoy your visit and if you need our help do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0497800207

 Giovanni Bersanetti