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The non slip under carpet

the Best Non-Slip Rug Pads

only by GB-Rugs

Why is it the best anti slip and is it  the right protection for you and your carpets?




Because it is much more than the non slip under carpet web you are used to.

Because it is not your usual commercial non slip under carpet .

We have christened it “SOFT” because you walk on air.

It is produced to our precise directions and it is our exclusive. At last you will own a non slip under carpet that will not leave marks on your floor and all this because, unlike the usual web for commercial carpets you can find anywhere, our non slip under carpet one does not leave any marks on the floors. On the side a marvellous and very rare Senneh Sette Colori (Seven Colours) dating to the 800’s, part of our collection, with our non slip under carpet web

Non-slip under-carpet

Old Saveh iranian kilim with anti-slip underlay

Our non slip under carpet characteristics are many:

  • It protects new carpets against wear, it is ideal for antique carpets, sumak, new and antique kilim, Aubusson and needle-point rugs.
  • The only non-slip web that extends the life to your carpets, especially if antique and light.
  • It anchors the carpet on the floor.
  • It does not mark floors: no more little squares on marble and parquet.
  • It protects you from dangerous skids and unpleasant injuries.
  • With our non-slip webs those awful unsightly folds on your carpet will also disappear.
  • With the SLIP SOFT you will walk on air: a sensation that you’ve never felt.
  • The weight of the furniture will also be lessened and your Persian rug will suffer less.
  • In addition, it is also perfect if you have underfloor heating

Non-slip under-carpet

On the side the non-slip under a splendid and perfect Kazak Ciondzoresk, named also a Kazak with clouds.

On the side the non slip under carpet a splendid and perfect Kazak Ciondzoresk, named also a Kazak with clouds. To test its resistance, it was placed at 200 ° C for 2 hours: the samples remained normal. Machine washable: all you need are two gentle washes at 30 ° C once a year. It lasts an average of 10 years. We prepare it slightly shorter than the carpet so that you cannot see, unless you prefer it in a roll to cut yourself: it is obvious this will cost much less. Our customers have been using it for years and are very happy. Those who have tried it once have ordered it for all their carpets.

Send us your carpets’ measurements and you will receive a quote by return. If it is accepted you will have non slip under carpet in your home within a week. You can also order it online