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Designer carpets production

The tailor-made designer carpets you always dream of, only for you

You’re losing a lot of time and hopes to find your carpet, you cannot decide on the measurements, they haven’t got the colours you want, and the subject is not really up to scratch. Do not worry, your search has come to an end: you’ve finally discovered how to solve your problem. We will knot the designer carpets you’re dreaming of and finally satisfy every your requirement.

We speak only of a handmade carpet of high quality in which the node, the thickness, the type of processing and wool, vary depending on the type of carpet and according to your needs. You or your architect can DRAW OR CHOOSE the subject, or you can take a cue from the many designer carpets of our extensive selection, and then we can plan it together.

We manufacture only hand-knotted designer carpets

The most frequent request we receive is to make a carpet that is in our on-line catalogue, maybe after seeing it in our showroom, in sizes not usually produced. Of course, being a hand-knotted carpet, we need a bit of time to do it but not too much: it will be ready in just three months from the order. Keep in mind one very important thing: No “tufted” carpets, held together by glue, but woollen and silken carpets with cotton weft and warp because we want our designer carpets to be of high quality.

Knotting and manufacture for designer carpets

The carpet can be knotted with three types of knot in function of the design and the thickness and the origin of the carpet: 60 LINE 80 LINE 90 LINE, the finest. The thickness of the carpet is never more than 1.30 cm

Knotting and manufacture for designer carpets

The types of work are  essentially threefold: knotted with a Nepalese knot,  sumac and loop as you can see from the image below.

Knotting and manufacture for designer carpets

Quality of materials in gb-rugs’ carpets

There are four types of yarn: three types of excellent wool and viscose one:

  1. Hand Spun Wool – hand-carded wool with Abrash (shades) in 20 colours.
  2. Pure machine-spun wool with Abrash – 78 colors
  3. Plain pure wool spun machine – 600 colors
  4. Bamboo silk or artificial in viscose – 20 colors

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The samples of wool