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Authenticity certificate carpets and tapestries

Authenticity certificate and warranty on gb-rugs of  carpets and tapestries

This is the reason why ours is worth much more by purchasing any object, with it we are given a authenticity certificate and warranty and we all know that we need this in case there are problems in the purchase’s efficiency  (Articles 1490 and 1491 of the Civil Code). For a valuable, authentic, oriental rug this isn’t sufficient.

We must ensure that the rug you are buying is of good quality with regard to the structure, the knotting, the type of wool, etc. and that it doesn’t create any problems for you in its intended everyday use; it must also ENSURE ITS AUTHENTICITY ‘, that is to certify that it was hand-knotted in a certain period and specify the area of origin. Last but not least, given the times, it must certify THE OWNERSHIP of the carpet and should be followed by its INVOICE which would be a further confirmation of the price paid for it.

But for us it isn’t sufficient still and, for this reason, we have thought of giving you this in addition.

Authenticity certificate carpets and tapestries
Authenticity certificate carpets and tapestries

Our authenticity certificate is a real appraisal of your carpet

We all know that burglaries are on the rise and that a flood, fire or any accident can happen to our house out of nothing and create considerable damage, so it is wise to get insured. I considered therefore necessary that the warranty was much more than a simple certificate, but a real ownership and identity document of the carpet; practically an appraisal. We added the photograph, date and purchase price, owner data. Then when it’s an important piece, we provide a cd with various details of the carpet and slip protection in the price.

The insurance company will never be able to question the veracity of the complaints in case of damage.