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CAUCASUS - 294 x 206 cm - 9.65 x 6.76 ft - COD. 141213858991

antique shirvan kilim
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2.930,00  iva inc.

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Technique: Kilim

Origin: Caucasus

Age: Antique

Welft: Wool

Warp: Wool

ANTIQUE SHIRVAN KILIM realized with technique of Kilim "to break", in which the pattern is built exclusively using the colored threads of the woof. For technical reasons the patterns of kilims are constantly geometric, in fact the change of color can happen only horizontally or in orthogonal sense in comparison to the warp. The threads of woof are usually elegantly combed and strongly twisted; for this reason also the most antique pieces are very strong and consistent to the touch. This is an antique piece of extraordinary finesse, for true collectors lovers of the rarities. Incredibly in perfect conditions. Among the Kilims with medallions, the compositions of rhomboid medallions are surely among the most prestigious. In this piece medallions with jagged lozenge follow themeselves in a vertical sequence. Inside every lozenge analogous hooked patterns as other polichromes decorations, fill the dark fund of the central field. Interesting also the geometric patterns of the border.
antique shirvan kilimantique shirvan kilimantique shirvan kilimantique shirvan kilimantique shirvan kilimantique shirvan kilim

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