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IRAN - 85 x 65 cm - 2.79 x 2.13 ft - COD. 140000000565

bijar kilim
Tipi di pagamento GB Rugs

520,00  iva inc.

extra UE citizens / UE companies

Technique: Kilim

Origin: Iran

Age: Old

Welft: Wool

Warp: Cotton

BIJAR OLD KILIM (in persian "ghelim") means "woven carpet" and he differentiates from the knotted rugs because he is flat and without pile, in fact it is formed from threads of weft (horizontal threads) made to pass on alternate threads of warp (visible parallel longitudinal threads only in the fringe). The Kilim represents the principal form of art of the nomadic tribes, spreads in Persia since the most ancient times and also the origin of many pattern goes up again to prehistoric epochs. The art of the kilim is traditional prerogative of the women and is anonymous. The author doesn't need to sign her own work because she has not produced it to exchange but for her own necessities. ... particular examplary of old manufacture in fine wool on cotton warp. The composition, with medallion and cantonal, seems similar to knotted rugs. The stylized buds are diagonally lay out, both in the field and in the medallion. Unusual it is also the combination of the colors. To notice the beautiful border.

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