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TIBET - 150 x 100 cm - 4.92 x 3.28 ft - COD. 140903053596

modern tibetan carpet silk
modern tibetan carpet silkmodern tibetan carpet silkmodern tibetan carpet silk
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600,00  iva inc.

extra UE citizens / UE companies

Technique: Handknotted

Origin: Tibet

Age: New

Welft: Cotton

Warp: Cotton

Vello: Wool and silk

Design Modern Tibetan rug "Darpha". Represent a good match among antique and design. In fact they are decorated rugs with subjects and patterns very modern but realized according to the ancient techniques of Tibetan artisans. They are elegantly hand knotted: usually Darpha are 100 lines but this Darpha 150L it is even more thin. The woof and the warp are in cotton, while for the pile is used precious wool of the Yak and the Plateau Sheep that live on the highlands of Tibet at 3.000 meters height. In all exemplaries wool and little of pure silk are used together in the pile. The density knot, in comparison to the average of the Tibetan carpets it is high: 400 for decimetre square.

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