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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

You will find a collection of frequently asked questions made to us. If you do not find the question you are looking at the bottom you will find a form where you put all your doubts.

Is there VAT on top of delivery costs?

In the page RULES at the point PRICES it is explained fully

How can I order taylor-made, hand-knotted carpets with a particular design?

You find all the details on pages dedicated to modern design and reproductions of ancient Caucasian carpetsi.

A plant which was for some time on the carpet has left a black stain: will that disppear?

It is a matter to see if it is just a spot of surface mould or if the water has rotted that part of the carpet that has remained wet for a long time without air. If it is just on the surface it will disappear in at least 90% of the time, but if it is not on the surface it is very likely that the rotted piece of carpet will come off and in this case we will have to see whether it makes sense to rebuild or not. To see if the structure is still good, just press a finger where the mould is to see if it is still strong.

Are the carpets on all yours?

Sure; all carpets that you see are the property of the company and, if you want to see them in real life, you can come to visit our showroom anytime. We keep normal working hours, but it is preferable to arrange an appointment.

Are the photos of your carpets really true to life?

The pictures are absolutely true to life. But it depends very much on the video you use, and its calibration. The colours of the digital images are increasingly dependent on the quality and configuration of your monitor. From our side photos are tested on three different monitors to get an average as real as possible.

Are you insured in the event my carpets got ruined?

Bersanetti have always been insured for any problem that an activity may run into, including injuries to our customers when they come into the company, the material that is entrusted to us for processing, from theft and damage to fire and any other case in which a mishap may happens, so you can rest easy.

Are you really experts in washing and restoring carpets, even the antique or important ones?

Our main goal is to always achieve the best in every situation, aware that each rug is a case in itself and always thinking about how to get a better result than the last one. This way of working in the last forty years has led to excellent results, but we will not stop here.

Buti s the washing really guaranteed?

Washing is 100% guaranteed, with exceptional aesthetic results, but always remember that no one works miracles.

Can the borders on a machine-made carpet be redone. And the fringes?

Redoing the edges by machine is not a problem and is relatively cheap; I do not recommend the fringes because current machines make fringes that do not last long. Then there are those that you apply on, but in my opinion they are too expensive and are horrible. I find it more reasonable and convenient to make a border around the entire perimeter of the rug.

Can we have a carpet with a shape different from the usual rectangular, round or square?

In our productions of modern design we can make carpets of any shape and size to meet the strangest and most sophisticated shapes, as, for example, the group of carpets Art Design in our site.

Can you evaluate my carpets?

Having a thorough knowledge of both antique and modern carpets, we can appraise any carpet, but it is a paid service

Can you guarantee that your washing the carpet will do away with the smell of pets in the house?

The carpet wash is guaranteed because usually it takes away all smells, but we must always take into account the state the carpet is in: there is a limit to everything!

Can you help me to take them away from under the furniture and to put them back properly when you bring them back?

There is usually no problem in helping the customer, but if there are many, and maybe we need to send two people, we do it, but taking into account the time required.

Can you restore a carpet without washing it?

As I wrote on the page dedicated to the restoration of carpets, for hygienic and workmanship reasons we do not accept restoration without first washing.

Could I bring my carpet to you in person?

Certainly; we have a car park and it can be reached by car from the front door every day except Saturday afternoon and Sunday. We are open from 8.00 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to 18.30. At the time of the acceptance of the carpet an estimate will be done immediately so that so that you can decide whether to have it done or not.

Do you also sell carpets?

Ours is one of the most complete and refined collections you could find. You can visit the Padova’s showroom or buy safely on line from this web site.

Do you check all carpets before sending them to your customers?

We are fortunate to have, as you have seen, our own washing and restoration laboratory. When we buy the carpets they should be checked one by one and rejected if they have excessive problems and the price is not right. Very often they are immediately washed; then checked if they have problems; if there is something minor it is put right. In any case, before sending you the carpet, this is again checked to be sure.

Do you have a safekeeping service, if you do how much does it cost?

Yes, we have an air-conditioned, armoured room for the carpets and tapestries’ safekeeping. To know more.

Do you have carpets with a French design?

Sure. You’ll find a wide catalogue on line for Aubusson, Saponerie, Needlepoint etc. carpets

Do you pass on to other companies personal data?

Absolutely not. Your data is used exclusively to make your order up.

Do you sell non-slip mats?

We have an excellent anti-slip mat that in addition to this saves the carpet from wear and provides a certain degree of sound absorption. To learn more and to buy it.

Do you use bleach when washing the carpets’ fringes?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. When one has finished washing the carpet, if it is too wet and it is left to dry on poles, the water tends to run down onto the fringes staining them yellow or even bringing colour with it. Those working in this way are forced to remove the stains with sodium hypochlorite, product that, if it is not neutralized, weakens the yarn in such a way that in a short time it disintegrates leaving the carpet without fringes.

Do you use under-age manpower when producing you carpets?

Our suppliers guarantee that in their carpet weaving, both classic and unique design, they do not use child labour and employ exclusively professionals adult weavers.

How do I know that the carpets I chose on gb-rugs are available?

Everything you see in is available immediately, with the exception of the specimens presented as sample of example, to be manufactured to order. We upgrade our range every day at 09.00 and at 20.00.

How do I know when the time has come to have my carpet washed?

Do not wait for it to become as black as coal to decide to give him a bath. Although after a year it is still nice to look at, or perhaps you have got used to its look, it certainly does not mean that it is clean. Think how many times you or others came from outside and went up and down the house; I think that’s enough. Also washing a carpet when it is too dirty means it has to undergo a more drastic treatment, otherwise you might think that whoever washed your carpet didn’t do a good job.

How do you know that a carpet has moths?

To start with you should see some small golden butterflies flying around the house. If the thing is serious, moths leave grooves or real holes in the carpet. Then you can also see the moth: a little white worm half a centimeter long with a dark dot on the head. See also his “salivas’s wake”, the trail of white filaments that it leaves where it passes. Finally: where the little worm eats it leaves residues that look like dark grains of sand. Pay close attention to the wardrobe and drawers because the moths could eat even sweaters and woolen clothes.

How do you restore a carpet or a tapestry?

The restoration can be a reconstruction or conservative and should be done in such a way that the carpet recovers its value as much as it can and will become stronger because of it.

How do you restore fringes on a hand-made carpet?

Normally we delete the rows of knots until you have enough warp (at least half a centimeter) and a line of perfect and clean texture; then we make by hand a chain in all its length. The chain made tying a knot every 2/3 warp’s threads called fringe when it comes out from the headers, with a strong and almost invisible cotton yarn of suitable colour. I saw carpets whose fringe we restored years ago and found them intact.

How do you restore the borders of hand-made carpets?

They are reconstructed by hand with appropriate wool and colour, but very thick to get a good aesthetic result and ensure it lasts as long as possible. Watch our videos and you will understand.

How does one wash a carpet?

There are essentially two ways to wash a carpet: Wet or dry with perchlorethylene. There are also other solvents, but they do not wash properly, then it is useless to consider them. In both cases, in order achieve good results you have to invent small stratagems because each rug is a case in itself. The important thing is to know what to do in special cases such as with antique carpets with various problems, tufted carpets with shrunken rubber, painted carpets, etc. We are always sure of what to do with them and therefore we have no problems.

How does one wash an antique tapestry?

It should of course be washed with water very gently and always bearing in mind that it is a fabric hundreds of years old. We do not enter into details for competition reasons, but you can see some of the washed tapestries from the 600’s in the tapestries’ page, all done to our customers’ satisfaction.

How long after do you return the washed/restored carpets?

If it is just the cleaning usually it only takes about 10 days; if there are also restorations to do, the necessary time is obviously due to the magnitude of work.

How long have you been in the carpets’ business?

Since 1978, not counting the previous years as an employee in other companies.

How long in advance do I have to call you before coming to pick my carpets up?

Normally a week before is quite right.

How much does it cost to get a carpet washed?

There are companies, such as carpet shops that do not have the possibility to weigh the carpets and companies that wash the carpets in the machines, which calculate the cost of cleaning by the square metre. In the Craftsmen’s lists, instead, the cost of washing is calculated by the Kg, we stick to these and thus we calculate washing by weight. For antique rugs that are very light an estimate is made at the time of the withdrawal so that the customer can accept it or not.

How much does it cost to restore a carpet?

It’s a question I’ve heard a thousand times and to which you cannot answer without seeing the work to be done; only then is it possible to make an estimate.

How much does the home pick up and return service cost?

If inserted in the programmed rounds there are no additional costs both within and without Padua (see details). Conversely, having to come out specifically, for Padua we charge € 25.00 including VAT, for out of town we make a quote.

How much does your delivery cost?

Delivery only in Italy is free unless you are a retailer, an architect or an interior designer for whom we can apply a discount if there is quantity. In this case there are transportation costs. For countries within the EU the cost of shipping is calculated automatically by the system. For the rest of the world the shipping costs we estimated are applied.

How often does the carpet need to be washed?

Ideally, since it is a complement on which you walk, every one or two. And if you have a dog or a cat, every year. If you could see what you’re walking on when you are out, even a year seems too long.

I do not live in Veneto. How can we organize to have my carpets picked up?

Get in touch with us for assistance, you will also find all the details in the dedicated page.

I have to move house. Can you deliver to a different address?

Certainly. If the new address is quite close to the previous one, there are no additional costs; otherwise we can deliver anywhere, but it’s better to have an estimate done in advance.

I have a very worn out carpet. What can I do?

We’ll have to see it and work out costs and benefits of a future, probable restoration.

I have a warped carpet with bags. Can you right it?

In 90% of cases you can get rid of the flaw by putting it on a frame. Obviously the carpet must be sufficiently strong, otherwise it could give way and break. In the dedicated page we explain how it works.

I have to store my carpets for some time, how do I do?

In the page ADVICE FOR A GOOD MAINTENANCE you will find more useful and detailed information.

I live in Padova and I need to have my carpets washed; what do I need to do?

You can phone us to see whether you want us to pick them up or whether you prefer to bring them to us yourself

I live in Veneto. How can we organize to have my carpets picked up?

Send an email to with the request, telling us your the town of residence, or phone us on 0497800207. We’ll see if we can come up with our van or send the GLS courier, quickly and safely.

I’d like to know what I spend: do you give me an estimate when you pick the carpet up?

We always give a summary estimate prior to picking it up, but when we arrive in the laboratory we prepare an detailed and exact quote and then that is communicated to the customer for acceptance, especially when there is a restoration to be done.

I’m looking for a carpet that I cannot find even Can you help me?

Send us an email with the characteristics of the carpet that you cannot find and we will do a search for you; for us it is easier to find on the site. Should we not have it in the house at the time, we can instruct our suppliers to suggest, in a short time, the solutions that we can present to you without obligation.

If I regret buying a carpet can I exercise my right of withdrawal?

Under Articles. 64 and 67 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, the purchaser may withdraw from the purchase within 14 days; see page right of withdrawal

If many knots are missing, can we redo them?

The choice must be made according to the cost required to restore them and the value of the carpet. If there is a lot of work and we have a not very expensive carpet than it is often just not worth it.

If my house gets flooded, what do I do with the carpets?

Call us as soon as possible. If they remain soaked for too long it is likely that the colours will mingle and therefore the carpets should be centrifuged as soon as possible. Sometimes they call us only after many days have passed and, by then, the damage could be irreversible.

If there is a fire and they are all black with soot, what do I do?

There are no problems with black soot because it can be removed quite easily. The important thing is that there are no excessive burns or some melted or dissolved object on the fleece of the carpet, something which has already happened many times.

Is it possible to send me some carpet for examination, so that I can choose the carpet I want?

We do not send carpets for examination, unless you’re a historical account. We can send you an email with a selection of rugs with pictures that you can view on through the links in the list. Keep in mind that if you decide to buy one, and do not like it, with the right of withdrawal you have fourteen days’ time to refuse it; among other things, it would cost much less than if we sent you different rugs to examine and maybe you would not find one to suit you.

Is it really possible to remove all the urine stains?

If you mean the yellowing wool, unfortunately this remains. Uric acid burns everything: colors and wool. It even disperses colours. It always depends on how stained the carpet is.

Is there a discount for architects and interior designers?

The prices of carpets and tapestries on our site are very low given that we are confronted with an online market worldwide. Nevertheless, for companies contract, interior designers, architects, etc. we can make a discount, provided that it is an order of at least 10 pieces. The company or professional interested is required to register and payment, as always, is anticipated.

Is your non-slip mat suitable for any surface like marble, wood, etc.?

Certainly, it is suitable for any surface without leaving any marks.

My carpet has moths, what can you do?

On my carpet the borders have come away?

We’ll have to see whether we can reattach them or we will have to make new ones, probably the less costly option.

One side of my carpet has faded, what can you do?

There is nothing you can do. If a part of the carpet is exposed to light, in the same spot for a long time, it is very likely that it will fade. It is therefore very important to occasionally turn the carpet to the other side and try to protect it as much as possible from direct light.

The label on the carpets says to only dry-clean it. Is it ok?

Very often labels with washing instructions are incorrect, but this also happens with clothing. Consequently, the decision is made by analyzing the carpet and choosing the most appropriate method.

There has been a damage my carpets and my insurance company has told me to get in touch with you. How does that work?

We verify the damage and of course the recovery cost; when the carpets have come to us in the lab we will prepare an estimate that the customer will communicate to the insurance company and then we get on with the work. When everything is ready, the customer pays and then he will be reimbursed by his insurance company with any other possible damages.

Watering a plant standing on a carpet, this has developed a rather large hole. Can you rebuild the missing piece?

The biggest hole caused by a plant we have dealt with up to now is a 50×50 hole (Video) and the result was excellent.

What experience do you have in restoring carpets or tapestries?

We have a forty year experience in the restauration of antique fabrics, carpets and tapestries.

What is a stain-proof treatment?

This treatment too has a limited duration and, as the name suggests, it is used to create an invisible insulating film. This way any liquid that falls on the treated textile is not absorbed by the yarn and is more easily removable. The best known is the 3M Scotchgard treatment available commercially for many years.

What’s a moth-proof treatment?

A treatment with suitable products to make the wool in the carpets repulsive to moths. It has a limited duration.

When isn’t worth washing the carpet?

We always try to advise clients on what is best to do for their carpet. When a carpet is in a bad condition or it has such problems that even with a well done wash you would not have any satisfaction it is better not to do it.

Why do prices for same quality carpets sometimes differ?

First of all it depends on the price at which we could buy carpets at that particular time. Then you must also know that the name of a carpet means very little, because the same name refers to a range of quality levels so large that it becomes difficult, especially for the person who does not know them well, to understand the substantial differences.

Why do prices sometimes change?

When prices change at the market’s source, either because of the currency and for the cost of labour, which in time also increases in the producing countries, we are in turn forced to small changes. It may also happen, as happened recently with Aubusson carpets, that we were able to buy the lot at a lower price than usual because of problems of the supplier. Here we could reduce the selling price.

Will you advise me whether it is worth doing it?

We always give the best advice to our customers , because we want to keep them satisfied. If it is not worth it we are the first to say so.

Will you give me an estimate?

Before going ahead we always give a detailed quote recommending the best solutions to the case, even with more or less expensive solutions.

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