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CAUCASUS - 275 x 175 cm - 9.02 x 5.74 ft - COD. 140000000205

soumak antique rug
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7.800,00  iva inc.

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Technique: Soumak and knotted

Origin: Caucasus

Age: Antique

Welft: Wool

Warp: Wool

The term Sumakh, Soumakh, points the technique "wrapped woofs" used for the weaving of certain kilims and diffused in whole east. Exist innumerable variations but simplifying: to get the designs of carpet the woof of kilim, previous weaved, are wrapped with wools of various colors (in effects the Sumakhs are easily recognizable for the compact consistence and for many colored woofs that race free on the reverse of the carpet). As the techniques of weaving, also the origin of Sumakh design is very ancient: and geometric patterns sometimes unknown as stylized dragons and birds, medallions... symbols full of meanings. In this piece we can find all the techniques of weaving: besides the sumak technique there are many knotted patterns (as boteh with three points) that have the pile as a normal rug and there are parts worked with technique kilim. Besides to the headings, the rug continues as if there were two "Kalleghi". All these details and the good state of conservation, make it a rare and particular exemplary.
soumak antique rugsoumak antique rugsoumak antique rugsoumak antique rugsoumak antique rugsoumak antique rugsoumak antique rugsoumak antique rugsoumak antique rug

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